Story #1 Longing To Come Home

September 22, 2022

“How about we do a 3-week pilgrimage for our summer holiday?”, my boyfriend was suggesting during dinner a few months back.

“Do you really want to hike for this long?” I responded a bit surprised.

The more we were speaking, the more I got excited about the idea and said “Mm, it’s not the typical kind of holiday, but why not! It sounds like an adventure – let’s see what is there to explore!”

From the moment the decision was taken, I sensed the journey had already begun. I instantly knew that this pilgrimage was going to be deeper than just a tourist holiday to relax or have fun.

Finally, the first day of our holiday arrived, we put our hiking boots on, and left to the airport to fly to Turin, Italy. At this point, I was feeling emotionally drained by the city life, in which I had spent most of my time the past six months. Sitting in the plane above the clouds, I was feeling a deep longing to connect to nature, to spirit…to come home. The words “coming home” hit me and my eyes filled with tears. It’s hard to put words on it, but in this moment I realized a deep longing for the home within myself, not the physical but spiritual home.

When I say spiritual home, it feels almost like an invisible, endless bubble, where I originate from. I realized I left that home at one point, without even knowing it, got lost in the neighborhood, caught up with life and people, now realizing that I want to go back, to that home within myself. 

“Please show me…“ I was whispering with a hopeful voice. Then the plane landed…

Connect with your inner world through the following questions

  • What does “home within yourself“ mean to you?
  • Which emotions are arising, when you think of it? Is there a connection or confusion around it?
  • How can you cultivate or activate the connection to your inner home? Example: For me it was a pilgrimage…

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