Welcome to my inner world. I am a truth-seeking and multi-passionate human being, born with certain gifts, that loves mysticism. Based on my own personal experiences, I am sharing insights – Raw, Real & Relevant.

The purpose of leonieverse is to connect with your own inner world, while you read about mine. I hope that my stories may serve as a bridge to bring you deeper into yourself.

September 22, 2022

“How about we do a 3-week pilgrimage for our summer holiday?”, my boyfriend was suggesting during dinner a few months back. “Do you really want to hike for this long?” I responded a bit surprised. The more we were speaking, the more I got excited about the idea. Read Full Story >>

September 25, 2022

It takes courage for me to share this delicate experience, but its relevance has such an enormous impact on our life creations, which is why I promised myself to write about it. With the knowledge in this story, you will hopefully be able to identify the symptoms, when you get hacked and learn useful tools, how to connect with your truth again. Read Full Story >>

November 4, 2022

“Who am I?“ Ever since I was a child this question echoed in the back of my head. It usually visited me in moments of stillness, when I was lying in my bed and just about to fall asleep at night. Read Full Story >>