Story #3 Remember Who You Are

November 4, 2022

This story takes you to two significant moments in my life, when I asked myself the “Who Am I“ question and what I took away from it. At the end you‘ll get to answer three questions to connect to your own inner world and remember why you came here. Write and share with me, please, what this moves in you 😊

1st moment  

“Who am I?“ Ever since I was a child this question echoed in the back of my head. It usually visited me in moments of stillness, when I was lying in my bed and just about to fall asleep at night. My childlike self was overwhelmed by this question and it made me feel tiny and scared. Often the intensity became so much that I had to say “STOP“ out loud 🛑🤚 with the attempt to pull myself away and trying to put myself to sleep. All I knew as a child was that whatever the truth was behind this question, it seemed so much bigger than me… 

2nd moment 

Many years down the road being in my mid-30s, I was working successfully in my corporate job. I was happy that I finally found a position, where I could apply my passion in a place with people, who appreciated what I brought to the table. In a sense I felt I was living “on purpose“, meaning my inner world was in alignment with my outer world. Indeed, this was a very satisfying feeling for quite some time. However, even though everything seemed stable and safe in my life, the “Who am I“ question visited me again at some point. It became very loud in my head and strangely enough, this time the question no longer scared but inspired me. When I asked myself this time, I did receive an answer saying “I am not my business card“.  

First I laughed out loud, but then I instantly knew that this was my soul calling me. From the outside my life looked safe and successful, yet from the inside my soul was getting tired of the identity as my corporate self. No doubt, my career and the incredible people I met had been a great experience I wouldn’t want to miss. Nevertheless, my soul came to remind me that there is more for me to bring on earth than just this. This time I dared to grab its hand and let myself be guided.  

…In my case, I was guided to leave my job, travel, learn more about healing and changing my career over time into something that it feels meaningful to bring here at this point in my life. For how long? For as long as it serves its purpose or until I feel called to do something else 😉

This is a divine reminder to remember who you are. This is a path open to everyone – it does not need gurus, masters, rules or superpowers. Your own soul holds all the wisdom you need. All it requires is to ask yourself the right questions to help you remember who (else) you are and listen to your soul…  

Connect with your inner world through the following questions 

  • Who are you at this point in your life? Does your current identity inspire or bore you?  
  • Who (else) are you? What facets which have been lying dormant in you, would you like to bring more alive? What is it that your soul wants to bring here, that feels meaningful for you to share with others?
  • What possibilities would come your way, if you allowed yourself to go beyond your current identity?