Live Your True Purpose

Claim your purpose and express it in your way, that brings you joy!

Leonie is a valuable guide, everyone should have on their life path who is seeking for purpose and truth



In this 1-on-1 session you get individual guidance and clarity how to live your true self.

True Purpose

True Purpose is an 6-week journey to connect to your life’s purpose. This journey puts you on the path to deeply understand yourself. 


Mentoring is for your long-term guidance to discover and integrate your true self and create a life that brings you joy.



My name is Leonie aka the purpose coach and spiritual mentor for courageous souls. I am dedicated to helping you beyond the old paradigm into the new world where you live in alignment with your True Purpose. Living your truth is the key to complete liberation. I will guide you how to connect to your true self, reclaim your power and become the person you most want to be. In my coaching and online program True Purpose I provide you a safe space, individual or together with your tribe family, to create a life with more joy!



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After graduating from German Sport University Cologne I followed a conventional career path, while being employed at different companies in Germany and Switzerland. At last I was working as a training manager in the retail sector, where I motivated and trained sales staff within Central Europe. Although I was successful at my corporate job, I felt something was missing in my life. In 2018 I took a sabbatical and traveled to India and Bali to discover more about my truth.

This experience has taught me what truly brings me joy and find my own recipe of happiness in life. I am committed to ensuring that you give yourself the value that you actually have in you but don’t show it yet. This is why my mission is to encourage you to be yourself and live a life, that truly brings you joy!

Generally, I’m a life adventurer and learner who loves to travel, write and dance. I have lived in seven countries by now and love to express myself in different creative ways.

What now? Let’s create (not wait) something joyful together from here!

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