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Hi, I’m Leonie and excited our paths cross here.

There is nothing more important than being your most authentic self”

I am here to inspire and empower women to be fully alive. It is a state to fully express who you are and what is right for you. As a purpose & fulfillment coach, I guide you to your true purpose, reclaim your feminine power and find the courage to walk your own unique path. 

Once you follow your passion and honor your convictions, you become magnetic and you will attract the most aligned opportunities and people…

Where do I start?

60min Purpose Check Up

You don’t feel seen and appreciated enough for who you are?

You want more in life and in your work?

You’re looking for new adventure in your life or a job with purpose?

I help you identify the gap between, where you stand today and where you want to be in your life in the near future. You’ll receive my honest feedback for your individual situation and what possibilities there are for you to come into alignment.

This is like a health check up for your soul!

120 Euro

“This journey gave me the permission to think big for myself. I no longer take my unique qualities and talents for granted, but instead honour them. Leonie touches the soul level and has the capacity to feel what lies beyond the words. I can recommend her to anyone who wants to get to know a deeper side of themselves!”

 – Kristina, Germany –

“Since working with Leonie, I learned how to accept myself and be more confident by exploring my feelings and working through my emotions. She has helped me to define and value my purpose, how I want to serve in my daily life and to move towards it. I love Leonie’s active way of listening and challenging me in pulling the truth that is in me and helping me do the work to get there.”  

 – Katie, USA

“I am infinite grateful for this journey and finally feel I have arrived home within myself. I learnt how to let go of the goal, but enjoy the path instead. Ever since, I feel more calm and trust in life. Working with Leonie helped me to find the confidence to set healthy boundaries and no longer allow others to mislead me off my chosen path. Over time it has become easier for me to notice my needs and formulate them directly. Overall, I am a more cheerful person again, because I learnt how to appreciate what I have and honour my need of alone time!”

 – Birke, Germany

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I’ve always been a sport enthusiast, which led me accomplish a diploma of Sport Science at the German Sport University Cologne. After my studies, I followed a conventional career path, while being employed at different companies in Germany and Switzerland. At last I was working as a training manager in the retail sector, where I motivated and trained sales staff within Central Europe. Although I was successful at my corporate job, I felt something was off in my life. In 2018 I made the decision to take a sabbatical, and traveled to India and Bali.

I came to realise that my career and life in general felt like a jacket, which just didn’t fit me anymore. During this time, different spiritual teachers crossed my path teaching me specific knowledge. At the same time my mum fell seriously ill and later passed away. This decisive experience had truly shaped me and I asked myself from the core of my being, what the purpose of my life is. Step by step, I started to redefine my life and align it in a way, that is meaningful to me and which allows me to apply my passion in what I do today. This is why my mission is to encouraging you in becoming the next level version of yourself and helping you thrive during significant career or life changes.

Generally, I’m a life adventurer and learner who loves to travel, write and dance. I have lived in nine countries by now and love to express myself in different creative ways. My current home base is Copenhagen, where I am now living with my beloved partner.

What now? Let’s create (not wait) something meaningful together from here!

Raw, Real & Relevant

   A monthly story that lights up your soul

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